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    We help the poor and marginalised to obtain justice

    We successfully defended a young WaiWai charged with attempted murder. We are currently acting for 2 other individuals charged with murder in order to ensure that they obtain fair trials as guaranteed by the Constitution of Guyana.

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    Access and benefit sharing.

    Under the Amerindian Act 2006, Amerindian communities have control over their resources and traditional knowledge. Melinda was invited to deliver a presentation on at a workshop in Trinidad on the Guyana situation.
    Access and benefit sharing

    A Different Kind of Democracy:
    Sarah Broscombe

    To the people of the village of Aishalton in the Guyanese Interior, the political activity in most of the world's democratic countries would seem far removed from their everyday lives. But over the past year, the villagers have been taking part in a process at the very heart of which is the concept of participatory democracy. Sarah Broscombe describes the stages and outcomes of village planning, and the importance of involving Guyana's indigenous population in the country's political life.
    Source: http://www.thinkingfaith.org/articles/20101026_1.htm

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    We believe that children must be loved and their dignity must be respected. Therefore we oppose corporal punishment. In March 2013 we made a written submission to the Special Select Committee on corporal punishment. In May the Special Select Committee invited us to present our views to them. We are now awaiting the decision of the Special Select Committee.
    Submission to the Select Committee

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    We are working to create a more just and peaceful society in which there is respect for the dignity and integrity of each and every person. We oppose the death penalty. In March we made a submission to the Special Select Committee dealing with capital punishment
    Death penalty submission

    Education: We believe that people must know their rights. Otherwise they are vulnerable to abuse by the State and those with power. Since we began operations in 2010 we have trained over 500 people on their rights.

    Under an EU funded Action we are training Amerindian toshaos, village councils and communities how to use their extensive powers under the Amerindian Act 2006. Unless they know what rights and powers they have they will not be able to protect themselves and their cultures.

    In June 2013 we launched a guide to land claims under the Amerindian Act 2006. We continue to work with Amerindian peoples to help them obtain titles to land and have their land demarcated.

    In June 2012 the paralegal system was officially launched in Lethem bringing our work to a successful conclusion. The government of Guyana is now responsible for running the paralegal system.

    In February and March of 2012 we trained Village Council and Community Members from Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. In 2011 we trained nearly 500 Amerindian people on their collective rights under the Amerindian Act. Our training was carried out in Aishalton, Kato, Marurinawa and Sawariwau. In 2010 we trained over 130 citizens on their fundamental rights and freedoms. Our training was carried out in Annai, Lethem, Kamarang and Waratta.

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